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4/27/13 by TheFlipEffect

When you're irrelevant you have to ponder on when exactly you became irrelevant.

Was it the day you were born?
When you realised uniqueness is a love/hate relationship.
When you figured out that anyone who has came into your life by choice has left you.

Who knows. I used to think that the creative mind was a good thing to have in this day and age. We just procrastinate until something comes along, our work is never appreciated by the right people. Was on top for a while, it didn't last. Square one feels a lot like Pokemon Gold, played it too many times but I don't mind being here. A fresh start, I CRAVE IT! I don't want to be pointless, I don't want to dragged down by the rest of the morons in this fucked up city.

This past month has been like something out of a film, I can't wait for May.
Had the chance to go back to the way things were, and fuck, a part of me wanted to. But I can't, and I can't/wont apologise for not wanting to. What's done is done. My head is a mess with stress and the rest, but I'm not depressed.

I'm going into hiding for a while,


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Not depressed? For real? :/ Whatever the matter hope it gets sorted out. As for relevance, you make yourself as relevant as you want to be, good or bad. Life's like a martini, it doesn't get fun until you mix it up (not that I drink martinis, just a random quote that seemed fitting). :P